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Julian ReschkeJul 3, 2017 2:42 am 
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Subject:Deprecation of 2.4.x plan
From:Julian Reschke (
Date:Jul 3, 2017 2:42:01 am

(subject line fixed, included)

Hi there,

the 2.4 branch hasn't seen a lot of activity lately, and is the last branch to support Java 5.

I'm planning to do one more release (2.4.8) later this summer, and then to officially end-of-life it.

Users of 2.4 who can move to Java 7 should switch to the latest stable release of 2.14.

Users of 2.4 who still are on Java 6 can switch to the latest release of 2.12.

What it'll mean in actual actions:

- link will be removed from the download page - news will be posted on the homepage - [announce] will be sent to jr-user, jr-dev, oak-dev - branch and tags WILL stay there

If you have any concerns speak out.

Best regards, Julian